Sea Force Co., LTD. is a manufacturer and a specialized trading company who ruminate about the future of manufacturing.

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Greetings from President

CEO Ichitomi Sasaki

Sea Force was able to commemorate it's 20th anniversary.
It is due entirely to your support and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for your continuous support. 
Sea Force has been aiming to provide good products at a competietive price.

As of now we are able to offer better products than imported ones because we develop and manufacture our own products in-house.
Our business started from a retail shop, therefore, we were able to talk to consumers directly, hear what they need and put their needs into developing and providing better products. I believe that the our machines and work tools can contribute to 「MONOZUKURI」.

We kindly ask for your long and warm support.

CEO Ichitomi Sasaki